Summer Activities

Summer presents an outstanding opportunity to further develop your resume. There are a wide range of activities that can increase your chances of getting into the more competitive colleges. This is a great time to further develop your skills, pursue an area of interest, or further develop your personal or leadership skills.

There are programs in just about every area of study and you can select from such diverse areas college courses (for credit or non- credit), or camps all of which can help you cultivate a talent or interest in the arts, humanities or sciences. There are programs which allow you to participate in explorations in science and technology, business, engineering, computing, outdoor and environmental studies or leadership. There are many activities at performing arts centers, science museums and parks. And of course there are jobs and internships which require responsibility and leadership.

These activities range from 1 – 8 weeks and some are even available on-line. Before selecting your summer activity, you should consider what you want to learn, what skill you want to develop or what experience will further your development.

To assist you in exploring the alternatives that are best for you, we have provided links to many sites that offer college courses, programs or internship opportunities.

Selected Summer Colleges
Adelphi University
Boston College
Boston University
Brown University
Columbia University
Cornell University
Georgetown University
Harvard University
Hofstra University
Ithaca College
Johns Hopkins University
Johns Hopkins University – Center for Talented Youth Program
New York University
Stevens Institute of Technology
Syracuse University
University of Maryland
University of Pennsylvania
Wharton’s Pre-Colloge Programs

Enrichment College Programs/Camps
Educations Unlimited– broad range of educational programs
Venture Scholar– college programs for students interested in science/technology/engineering/math
Career Cornerstone – college programs/camps in science/math/technology/engineering/healthcare
Teenink Summer Programs– broad range of summer programs in the arts, drama, theatre and dance travel abroad summer programs
Best Summer Engineering Programs – Pre-Engineering Summer Camps
Summer Medical and Dental Education Programs
Supercamp – college prep camp programs
Students Review – broad range of university programs

Intern/Work Activities
Internship Programs – broad range of Internship opportunities
Rising Star Internships – another broad range of Internship opportunities
Coolworks – job opportunities in exciting locations

Finding Research Opportunities

Finding Volunteer Opportunites

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