Webinars and Key Resources During Your High School Shutdown

Your Path to College Admissions Success During Your High School Shutdown!

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Even though high schools are shutdown and college campuses may be closed, there are still plenty of ways students can prepare for the college admissions process as well as stand out.  Below are several key resources students and parents can start using now.

College Planning Checklist

College Research Sites

Selected Online Courses, Activities and Programs

Selected Pre-College Summer Programs

Several Ways to Evaluate a Major

Merit Aid By Institution

Top Test-Optional Colleges

Selected Admit Rate Class of 2023

Recent Test Optional Changes – April 2020

What Sets You Apart


The following are webinar dates for

How to Prepare for College During Your High School Shutdown.

In this 1 hour webinar, 10th & 11th grade students and their parents will learn:

●Test prep strategies in today’s test-optional environment.

● Ways to build your resume during your high school shutdown and over the summer.

● How to select your best colleges and improve your admission chances without being
able to visit.

Check back often for our latest schedules.

Date Day Time Location For More Info
May 27 Wednesday 7:00-8:15pm Webinar w/Manhasset Library CLICK HERE

Or, if you have have any questions contact Your College Navigator at

516-367-6625 or success@ycnavigator.com



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