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Your Path to
College Admissions Success
During Your High School
Key Resources for
Students and Parents!
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The following are webinar dates for “How to Prepare For College During Your High School Shutdown”.
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  • Take the steps to maximize their college admissions Value
  • Select those colleges in which they will thrive
  • Get colleges to want them, prior to applying
  • Present a compelling story of fit, value and contribution to each of their selected colleges

It is important that each student has a well thought-out plan for each step in the process.

    We show you how to succeed in a competitive world!


  • “You showed me how to determine which colleges were really best for me and how to get colleges to want me, well before I applied. I had no idea that this was possible. It worked exactly as you said it would.”
    Keith R, attending Emory University
  • “You are inspiring. Thanks for all you do in support of the

We turn High School students into outstanding college candidates!

We take the challenge of “getting-in” to college and reduce it to a question of “fitting-in”.  Based on your performance, personality and interests we work with you to select your best-fit colleges and reduce the challenge of “getting-in” to one of showing the college that you are a candidate that perfectly “fits-in”.  Our 4-Step Process, developed after significant research and interviews with more than 60 leading colleges is proven, unique and