• “You showed me how to determine which colleges were really best for me and how to get colleges to want me, well before I applied. I had no idea that this was possible. It worked exactly as you said it would.”
    Keith R, attending Emory University
    • “You are inspiring. Thanks for all you do in support of the ‘others.’”
      Wes Moore, New York Times Bestselling Author, Rhodes Scholar, White House Fellow
    • “You made this hectic process into something manageable for me, and I was comforted by the fact that you were always there to assist me. I never could have made it without your help, and I am so appreciative of everything you’ve done for me. Any student who works with you is very lucky.”
      Carla S, accepted to Washington University
    • “A great consultant and a good friend.”
      Steven Antonoff, Ph. D., Author of The College Finder
    • “You worked with us like a member of the family. Your interest in my daughter’s success was strong and sincere. We are so appreciative of everything you’ve done for us.”
      Irene C, Daughter accepted to Johns Hopkins
    • “You showed our daughter how to determine and present her strengths to each college. Additionally, you taught her skills she can utilize the rest of her life.”
      Sharon B, Daughter accepted to Tulane, University of Michigan and SUNY Binghamton
    • “Thank you for conducting the seminar at our library.  It was one of the most well-attended seminars at North Hills!  Audience feedback was very positive.  They said your presentation was very informative and they received a lot of useful tips which can help them navigate through the maze of college admission.”
      Yang Zeng, Manager, North Hills Community Library


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